Valuing People — A Core Company Value

For more than three decades, DuPont has worked to achieve a diverse balance of race, ethnicity and gender throughout the corporation.  Like environmental stewardship and safety, the Company has made valuing people of all backgrounds a core corporate value — and has extended its commitment into every segment of its operation, from organizational renewal to professional development.

Diversity at DuPont is defined through the corporate vision to be a “great global company through people.”  It is up to the corporate businesses, individuals, teams, groups and managers to follow this principle and to shape diversity in ways that make sense for their systems, processes and people.

Diversity and the DuPont Legal Model

Early into DuPont Legal’s partnering program, it was clear to the legal team that the juries, judges and policymakers were of increasingly diverse backgrounds. This trend impacts a company’s ability to effectively connect with increasingly diverse segments of the legal and business world and to reach them on intellectual, emotional and personal levels. So, besides valuing people of all races, ethnicities and genders, diversity efforts were seen as a critical component of the strategy for DuPont to compete globally in the 21st Century. In addition, it was deemed vital to the law firms’ and suppliers’ efforts to remain competitive in the legal market place.

When DuPont Legal undertook its convergence effort to select primary providers of legal services, diversity objectives and accomplishments were top considerations. PLFs and Service Providers were required to meet several criteria. Each prospective firm and company was asked to demonstrate a commitment to forging a long-term strategic business alliance, employing new technologies, using alternative fee structures and — equally important — hiring, retaining and actively involving minorities and women in the firm’s representation of DuPont.

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