DuPont Legal Minority Counsel Network

Introduction to the DuPont Legal Minority Counsel Network

Founded in 1997, the DuPont Legal Minority Counsel Network  (MCN) is a collaborative, cohesive body of attorneys of color, who work for DuPont or for one of DuPont’s Primary Law Firms or Service Providers (aka the Network).  These members share the mission of advancing DuPont, the DuPont Legal Model, the members of the Network, and the profession. The objectives of the MCN are as follows:

  1. To build relationships with other attorneys of color.
  2. To demonstrate the value of a diverse legal team.
  3. To enhance the expertise of the MCN members.
  4. To increase profitability through effective marketing.
  5. To ensure a critical mass of attorneys of color.
  6. To promote one another as professional resources.
  7. To foster positive and welcoming workplace environments.
  8. To encourage and cultivate meaningful mentoring relationships.
  9. To advance proactive and intentional recruiting initiatives.
  10. To support promotions into visible positions of leadership.
  11. To empower MCN members.

Each year, the MCN members convene for the DuPont-Primary Law Firm Minority Counsel Conference in Wilmington, Delaware, headquarters of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, or in a home city of one of its primary law firms.

For additional information on the DuPont Legal Minority Counsel Network, contact Chair, Tamera Fair, at: 302-892-7948 or email at