The DuPont Legal Model

The DuPont Legal Model has provided a solid, dynamic, integrated approach to providing services to the DuPont Company since 1992.  The Legal Model’s competitive edge has been derived by applying business discipline to the practice of law.

Since 1992, the DuPont Legal Model has offered corporate law departments and the law firms that serve them a wide range of corporate law best practices.

By applying “business discipline” to the practice of corporate law, the Legal Model focuses resources and makes strategic law firm partnering, information technology, metrics, diversity and other initiatives the cornerstones of our approach.

The Legal Model also serves as a unifying framework that adjusts to change and new challenges. Through this model, we’ve created a successful legal network of members with a common vision and unifying goal.

The Legal Model helps:

Cut costs
Increase productivity
Improve the quality of our services
Create easier access to new opportunities
Solidify relationships among DuPont staff members, Primary Law Firms and Service Providers
Learn how the Legal Model can help your legal department or law firm become more successful. Here’s what you’ll find on our website: